Inspiration in the everyday

Ok people here it is.... TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

My first blog entry for Mind and Body Awakenings.

This is going to be a real people, real life blog and what I mean by that is I’m going to use my own stories and those that give me permission to tell theirs in here.

Life is hard, easy, beautiful and ugly all at once. We go through so much and so many things within a life time. Different ages equal different stages but wowza do we go though some major stuff. I really think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we go through, what we deal with and everything in between.  Every day lives deserve just as much attention as sensational lives.

Some of us have big life changing experiences that are enormous and in ours and everyone’s face and some of us have big life changing experiences that happen more quietly and less sensationally.

Who says one is more deserving of awareness than the other?

I did a short speech at toastmasters about finding inspiration in the everyday and I feel very strongly about this. I mean there are tons of inspirational stories about people who have overcome amazing tragedies and harrowing experiences. By all means they are inspiring and we need to hear these stories but we also need to hear the stories about the Nurse who works five – 12 hour shifts in a row, comes home and is raising a family of 3 children, puts hard work into a having a solid relationship with her husband.  A Nurse who goes home after a day nurturing palliative care patients who are on their end days in this life and goes home and still has enough love to go around. We need to hear about people like her who do all that and still finds time to take care of herself. THAT IS AMAZING!

How about the 72 year old woman who gets up out of bed every morning after her husband, best friend, and lover of 42 yearspassed away and tries her damndest to live life as full as she can make it? I can’t imagine the strength it takes her to get up and out of bed everyday let alone to find her happy.


I was watching these children the other day building a Lego village. They are both 4 years old. They were working very hard on it and a much younger child wandered into their creative zone and started to take apart pieces of their creation. I stood back and was quiet as these three children engaged with each other. The one child began to get upset that the village was getting destroyed by the baby but the other child just kept gently taking the lego out of the baby’s hands and replacing it where it was. This went on for a few minutes until the first child started to lose his cool over what was happening.  Second child looks up and says; “It’s ok for her to take those pieces she doesn’t understand they are important. We can rebuild it 100 times, it’s fun.”



Be Inspiring, Be Inspired Luvs!

Coach Heather