Life's a Kick

Life ... its such a kick isn’t it?

Sometimes it feels like a kick in the face, knocking you down and trying to hold you there.

Other times it feels like a kick in the pants , saying... HEY YOU!  Move it, get going, and don’t stand still.

We have so many things going on in our lives, so many things coming at us from different directions. Occasionally it can feel a little like dodge ball hell.

Sometimes just when I feel like I am all connected life steps in and kicks the connection apart a little bit and although at the time I feel the weight and judgement of things , these days it’s taking me less and less time to move through those emotions and find my way back to those happy vibrations. The thing of it is, that kick apart is great even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time but it is because it allows for us to expand and grow and find forward momentum once again.

So something happens and I get all invested in the idea of it or the outcome of it.

I do this anyway even though I know that I have no control over anything in this life and that I cannot predict the outcome of anything because there are too many variables in life that can change things in an instant.

BUT I invest ANYWAYS... lol.

I think it’s human nature. Some things are easier to not invest in than others maybe.

But anyways...

Knowing inherently that I can be happy no matter what, knowing that I can be and am happy right now and that I don’t need all of everything or anything or anyone in my life to make that happen is a huge piece of the puzzle that lets me navigate my negative emotions better and I don’t sit in them as long anymore.

Let me tell you how good THAT feels.

IT FEELS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting to this spot in my journey has been really tough. Tougher than I had ever thought it was going to be.

Im navigating through this life and wandering pathways, exploring different roads and directions and I am working at enjoying every moment. I know that not all moments are great ones, some of them are downright depressing and horrible, but even those moments I take and try to glean something good from them and that helps.

Tell me your Story Luvs...


Coach Heather