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Eye of the Beholder

8 Week Personal Development Coaching for Teens

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Has your son or daughter ever come home and told you about how mean someone was to them at school? Or maybe he/she's told you something like "I'm just not smart". 

As I began my journey of personal growth, I found a repeating pattern. Most of my negative self-esteem and low self-confidence stories were from these formative years (between 12-18). I had wonderful parents who were so supportive, but as teenagers, it can be challenging to see the truth in our parents' words. 

What you believe about yourself can  shape your life. I believe that everything happens FOR us not TO us. I think that the experiences I have gone through, were meant to show me how to understand, connect and encourage others. 

I will be there to provide tools and strategies to build what is true in her life. Being a teenager is hard in itself, but this is the time to show them how to grow! As an adult, it can be a little more challenging to break these habitual thought patterns. 


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